What Is Thigh Lift?

Thigh Lift is an operation to be done for improving the appearance of the thighs by removing the excess skin and fat tissue especially after significant weight loss. The main area that this operation focuses on is medial side of the thighs thats why it is also called inner thigh lifting, but front and back part will also be benefited.

Who is suitable for Inner Thigh Lifting?

Those who have sagging skin and fat tissue especially after significant amount of weight loss on thighs will be good candidate. But to be in a stable weight at least for 3 months is important to decide the operation. Inner Thigh Lifting is an operation can be done alone or may be added to the other procedures especially in body contouring.


Where is the Scar of Inner Thigh Lifting?

The scar will be on inguinal crease then extends vertically down towards inner knee at the inside portion of thigh (inner thigh).


Like in every esthetic procedure, scar will be raised from the skin level in first period of wound healing process. By time it will be even with the skin and will fade.

Operation and Early Period of after Operation

The operation can be done under epidural or general anesthesia and takes 2-3 hours. One night stay in hospital is needed. Although thigh liposuction can be done alone, sometimes may be added to the Thigh Lift to make smooth the remaining parts of the thigh.

To prevent possible blood accumulation at the surgical site drains are placed. They will be taken out on 1st – 2nd day.

A garment which make pressure to the thighs will be worn at the end of the operation and it will stay on you for 4 – 6 weeks depending on liposuction added.


There will be no stitches to take out. Scars needed at least 6-9 months to start to fade. You need to avoid exercising and heavy lifting for 6 weeks.

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