What is neck lift?

Neck Lift operation is usually performed at the same time with face lift operation. Neck lift surgery is performed by using the incision in the face lift surgery that starts from the front of the ear and continues along the hairline behind the ear.

What is importance of Neck Lift Surgery?

Neck is one of the regions where the sign of aging can be observed easily. A tight neck is almost always an indication of youth, energetic appearance and beauty. The sagging neck area is generally more prominent in both men and women than around the eyes and cheeks. When looking at fashion photos, it is seen that models with tight neck skin and prominent jawlines are preferred. The neck area is emphasized especially in female models. With age, the neck skin under the chin begins to sag first. Patients experiencing this type of disturbance mostly state that they have fat causing double chin which they want to get rid of. However, especially in slim patients, the accumulation in this region is not just fat, it’s the neck skin which starts to sag with it.

Why are the bands in the midline of the neck formed?

Platysma is a muscle that is superficially located on the neck. As getting older, vertical neck bands may be formed due to getting this muscle’s loosening along with the skin to which it is attached. These bands are almost always seen in people with a thin neck. If there is fat deposit in the double chin of the person, the band view will not occur.

In addition to the vertical neck bands in the midline of the neck as I mentioned above, I would like to attract your attention to the other ones which are located outside of this midline. These bands are related to the body of the platysma muscle and they can be fixed with simple applications.

What do we do to the bands on the midline of the neck?

Corset Platysmaplasty Procedure will be required for the solution of these vertical bands in the midline. This procedure can be performed through an incision made under chin in order to reach the border of platysma muscles. The main goal is approximating right and left platysma muscle border each other by sutures which is called the Corset Platysmaplasty Procedure.

What will you encounter in the early period after surgery?

Esthetic neck lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the surgery takes three or four hours. I want you to stay overnight but if there are additional surgeries involved, this staying period can be longer. There will be a supportive corset to put pressure on surgical site. This garment has to stay at least 3 weeks to achieve the best result. To prevent blood accumulation at the surgical area, tubes (drains) are inserted. These tubes will be taken away after 2 – 3 days. Lying in a light sitting position with a high pillow on the first night is important for the prevention of edema. The patient’s dressing is opened, and the patient is discharged when everything is ok. It is normal to have swelling and light bruises for about 7 to 14 days.

Will the scars of neck lift surgery visible?

It is not only the skin that sags in the neck, but the neck muscles under the skin. Neck muscle called Platysma sags and forms bands extending through midline. During the operation, this muscle also will be lifted and replaced. By replacing and lifting the platysma the tension under the chin is achieved. If necessary, it is possible to repair the railway appearance in the midline by making a separate incision under the chin. Through separate incision fat deposit can be taken if needed. After these procedures, the excess neck skin is pulled towards the back of the ear and removed along the hairline. All cuts for face lift heal very well. Over time, the scar becomes almost invisible, as hair grows from the incisions in the scalp. The incision under the chin is never seen at straight looking because it’s hidden on mental groove.