Double Chin Correction

The Double Chin occurs in the area from the chin to the underside of the neck. Effects such as excessive fat deposit, sagging and wrinkles on the Double Chin area make the person appear older than she/he is. This kind of sagging, fat deposits etc. effects can only be eliminated thanks to the Double Chin Esthetic Procedures.

Often the fat deposit caused by excess weight and its sagging over time are seen in both men and women, but it is more common in women due to skin structure.

In Which Conditions Is Double Chin Esthetics Procedure Performed?

• Sagging in the Double Chin region in the case of excessive weight gain and loss,
• Sagging caused by gravity in older people,
• The sagging of the Double Chin due to the relaxation of the neck muscles in this region,
• Advanced age, sunlight, smoking,
• Genetic predisposition.


Is there ideal timing for this procedure?

Performing double chin esthetic procedure at early ages affects positively both the complexity and the outcome of the surgery. In the advanced age, however more sagging and loosening may occur. As a result, initial problems that can be solved with a small procedure may be replaced by complex operations.

For these reasons I have listed above, if there is a complaint of double chin in the middle ages, which we call 30’s, the procedures will be less complicated. At the same time, the result will be much more satisfactory as skin elasticity is much better than advanced age.

What are the techniques that we apply to solve the problem?

The recently developed Deoxycholic Acid Injection is a good option for those who do not want to undergo any surgical procedures. You can check our page about Deoxycholic Acid – Kybella® Application for Double Chin.

The 30s are generally the ages when Double Chin deformities begin, the most frequent complaint of these periods is excess fat deposit, rather than sagging.

As I mentioned above, since the skin elasticity of the Double Chin area is better in these age groups compared to older ages. The excess fat is taken with the method called liposuction under local anesthesia. The remaining skin will recover (recoil) in time and will gain a desired esthetic appearance. In this method, the patient does not stay at the hospital.

As the skin has lost its elasticity, Liposuction of Double Chin to be made after the age of 50 may not be sufficient to solve the deformity. Because the deformity at these ages is not only excess fat deposit but also sagging. If I believe that the saggy / excess skin will not recover by itself (it can be easily understood by examination whether excess / saggy skin can recover after liposuction) I may also add skin removal procedures to the liposuction.

Skin removing can be done by a cut under chin or with Neck Lift. The excess skin is collected behind the ear. By this way, neck lift is added to the Double Chin esthetic surgery and the scars in this region will be hidden.

Platysma, which is a superficially located muscle along the neck, gets loose / sags due to the increase in age and causes vertical neck bands. Corset Platysmaplasty can be added to the procedures to be made through a cut under the chin to correct this midline vertical neck band.

Operation and Early Period of after Operation

Operation takes 1 to 4 hours depending what it is done exactly. If I only perform Liposuction to the young patient, I would not prefer the patient to stay in the hospital. If there is additional Neck Lift, overnight staying in hospital would be necessary. There may be drain tubes at the surgical area, which will be taken off within a day or two after surgery.

Regardless of the operation to be performed for Double Chin, the garment will be applied to prevent a possible blood accumulation in the region where the procedure is performed and recoiling of the skin works more properly. This garment will remain for 2-3 weeks depending on the procedure / procedures to be performed.

Redness, bruising and edema are expected in this region for the first few days, it is normal. There are no restrictions on eating and drinking and no stitches to be removed, the stitches will be absorbed by the body over time.

Pain is not the important complaint at the recovery phase. As soon as drains will be taken, you may go to your daily life.

Double Chin Correction Related Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get rid of a double chin?

Pricing exactly depends on individual severity of situation and procedures to be done together.

What is the best treatment for double chin?

To define the best treatment, we need first to define the exact problem. Complaints of the patient, age, examination of the neck area and telling what exactly you may give to the patients are so critical things in all esthetic procedures including this subject.

How do you get rid of fat under your chin?

It can be applied Deoxycholic Acid to carefully selected patients or Liposuction and possible additional procedures.

How long does double chin surgery last?

It differs in 1-4 hours based on the procedures to be performed. While only liposuction takes 1 hour, additional neck lift and/or corset platysmaplasty takes around 4 hours.

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