Hereby this Clarification Text for Security Cameras (hereinafter referred as “text”) has been prepared article 10 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data numbered as 6698 (hereinafter referred as “KVKK”) and within the scope of Communique on the  Principles to be followed in Fulfilling the Liability of Clarification.

Accordingly, with the notification of the data controller’s identity as Dr. Barış Yiğit,  in the common areas in the clinic, in the general areas of the guests, at the reception, in the lobby, images are recorded through security cameras.

In this context, your personal data ise processed within the scope of article 5 of KVKK. Security cameras recordings are transferred to ours electronic media.

Such personal data may be transferred to the relevant judicial authorities and/or law enforcement officers in case of legal disputes and if a written request is made within the framework of the legislative provisions.

The purpose of pursuance ıf the camera surveillance activity is limited to the purposes listed in this text and the Clarification Text. In this direction, the monitoring areas of security cameras, their number and when to be monitored are put into practice as sufficient and limited for this purpose. It is not subject to monitoring the privacy of the person in areas (for example, toilets) that may result in intervention that exceeds security objectives.

Your rights in article 11 of the KVVK are reserved, and you can adress your requests regarding the matter with a written notification.