What Is Arm Reduction?

Arm Reduction also called Brachioplasty or Arm Lift is a procedure to improve the appearance of the upper arm by taking the excess skin and/ or fat tissue. Procedure focuses on the under portion of upper arm, from armpit to the elbow. Sometimes Arm Reduction Surgery involves to reduce arm fat only. In fat removal from arms surgery skin is not too much and it will shrink by itself after reduce arm fat.

Getting older or loosing significant weight decrease your upper arm skin elasticity therefor sagging of the upper arm is inevitable. To reduce arm fat in this situations will be not adequate. Skin reshaping has to be done with fat removal from arms. Sometimes muscle tone can be improved by exercising but the skin elasticity will not respond as muscle does.

Where will I have scar?

In usual Arm Reduction the sagging fat and skin is removed from armpit till elbow therefore the scar will be that much long. It is so important to plant to perform either fat removal from arms or reduce arm fat and skin together. Planning to hide the scar at the medial side of the upper arm is so important. Medially placed scar will be not seen while your arms staying at the side of your body.

Like every esthetic surgery scar, arm reduction scar also have stages of healing. First it will be raised above the skin then would be even and in 6-9 months will start to fade. It needs to be kept in mind that these stages are in normal wound healing processes. If the person has tendency to have hypertrophic scar, additional precautions would be taken.
If the Arm Reduction surgery is just fat removal from arms there will be no scar. Reduce arm fat is performed by Liposuction as it leaves only one or two entrance point for cannula

Can it be done only with Liposuction?

If the skin elasticity is good and the fat removal from arms, liposuction would be enough procedure to improve the appearance. To have the best result, patient selection is so important that worse appearance should not be caused. To reduce arm fat or fat and skin has to be evaluated by experienced surgeon.

Operation and Early Period of After Operation

while fat removal from arms takes 1-2 hours arm reduction takes 2-3 hours and those are performed under general anesthesia. I want you to stay in hospital for one night. The scar will be placed on inside (facing to your chest side) part of the upper arm. Drains will be placed to prevent possible blood accumulation and will be taken on 1st or 2nd day. At the end of the operation a garment will be worn to make pressure to the surgical area.

Garment should stay on the area for 3 weeks. Suture material will be used is resolvable therefore there will be no stitches to be removed. I want you to avoid hard exercises and heavy liftings for at least 6 weeks. In early periods numbness on the surgical site can be seen as a temporary situation.

Last word…

By this procedure appearance of your upper arm will be excellent and will even boost your self-confidence. If you want, you can read this subject in Russian.